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Recognition: Swissgraphic 2019
This is a journal recording the two months that I spent in the military in Taiwan from 6/10/2018 until 8/7/2018. Expired Confessions was an emotional outlet for me to not only express my conflicted sentiments but also to write about all things that happened in the camp. This journal contains all the memories, struggles, and experience, no matter good or bad, shared by my acquaintances and me. However, I didn't always have the habit of keeping a diary; it was once given up by me when I was little because I saw no importance in reflecting on oneself, recording daily entries. Through this journal, I hope to bring that habit back, as well as being more honest with my feelings, gaining a new perspective of my surrounding through observations.

通過日記的形式,我完成了一場和自己的對談。 軍中隨筆對去年的我來說就好比是一個解脫心靈的窗口一般,在夏天的軍訓中給予我空間去反思和告結,去觀察。透過不斷的紀錄,不管是好是壞,全部的記憶都在字裡行間化作了一抹回憶。這之中有不甘,有不愉快,卻也充斥了對於周遭的種種不捨。雖然我已經很久沒有寫日記的習慣了,但這次的自我對談使我希望更坦然的對待自己的想法,以及更加爽快的去面對種種挫折,風雲起,山河動,黃埔建軍聲勢雄。

At the end of every day, I sit down and ponder upon which word would signify my day most accurately; it could be a noun, a verb, or an adjective. It could be anything as long as I am honest about my feelings. This journal is a vessel that not only channels my emotions but also opens up an opportunity to initiate a confession for a more elevated mind. 

Risograph Printing
The entire journal is printed with a Risograph printer, designed and released in Japan in the 1980s as a way to print efficiently and economically. Artists and designers have adopted this printing method for its unique, vibrant, and paint-like aesthetic. Speedy, efficient, and eco-friendly. Risograph printers employ a process similar to screen-printing with stencils and layers of ink.

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