It throws me off every time I try to interpret ‘kk’ in a text. Is it me or ok, cool? However, I find that I can easily identify with this friendly acronym. ‘kk’ is unlike other k’s, okay, ok and k, ‘kk’ is that one friend who is willing to look at your email and make that 12th design change. You want to try a darker black? kk, got it. A pure acknowledgment, reliable and efficient, I am Kenneth Kuh, the extra bit of friendliness that somehow makes everything, uh, kk.

Now let’s make that logo even bigger.👌👌


ArtCenter College of Design
BFA in Graphic Design


Digital Designer I  Nike
Art Director I Facebook
Freelance Digital Designer Google
Freelance Graphic Designer DIA Studio
Freelance Graphic Desginer Buck
Freelance Graphic Designer Brand New School
Digital Design Intern  Nike
Freelance Graphic Designer Some Days
Motion Design Intern  Buck
Freelance Digital Designer  Sidlee
Digital Designer  Palantir Technologies
Graphic Design Intern  SYPartners
Graphic Design Intern  ELLE


Member of WGI Talent Network
ADC YoungOnes 2021, YoungOnes Portfolio
Graphis New Talent Annual 2021, Silver-Beyazit State Library RebrandGuerewol Festival RebrandGod Does Not Play Dice
Communication Arts 2021 Winner-Beyazit State Library Rebrand, Guerewol Festival Rebrand
Communication Arts 2020 Winner-God Does Not Play Dice
TDC: Communication Design Award-Tippet Rise Art Center Rebrand
Graphic Design USA 2020: American Package Design Award-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
ADC YoungOnes 2019, Silver Cube-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Adobe Achievement Awards-Built ( )Unbuilt
Adobe Top Talent Awards-Dense Magazine: Compact Living, Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Core 77–Student Winner-Guerewol Festival Rebrand
Core 77–Student Notable-Built ( )Unbuilt
C–IDea Design Award-Guerewol Festival Rebrand
GDFS International Poster Winner-The WhistleBlowers: Storming Area 51

Featured Online
"Level Up Your Design Path" Speaker-ClassZero
“Getting the Gig Done” Webinar Panelist-California Lutheran University
“How to Upset Your Designer: An Ultimate Not-To-Do List”-Creative Talks Speaker
Kanvasroom x Adobe Mentorship-Design Mentor
The Dieline-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Design Trendlist-Built ( )Unbuilt
Nudi o Vestiti-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Gurl Studio-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
The One Club Creativity-Guerewol Festival Rebrand
Urban Poster MockUps-Guerewol Festival RebrandBeyazit State Library Rebrand
World Packaging Design Society-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Daily Package Design Inspiration-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Packaging of the World-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Favourite Design 2018-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Graphic Design Gallery, Behance-Built ( )UnbuiltThe WhistleBlowers: Storming Area 51, Guerewol Festival Rebrand, God Does Not Play Dice
Student Show Gallery, Behance-Guerewol Festival RebrandTippet Rise Art Center Rebrand, Beyazit State Library Rebrand
InDesign Gallery, Behance-Guerewol Festival RebrandBuilt ( )UnbuiltThe WhistleBlowers: Storming Area 51SF Design Week: From Thinking to MakingSymantec Rebrand, 
Illustrator Gallery, Behance-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set

Print Publications
BranD Magazine-God Does Not Play Dice
The Eyes of the Graph, Academy of Fine Arts-Tippet Rise Art Center Rebrand, Guerewol Festival Rebrand
Asia-Pacific Design No.17, Sandu pub.-God Does Not Play Dice
Bizarre Typeface 2021, SendPoints pub.-Tippet Rise Art Center Rebrand
Book Design: From the Basics to the Most Impressive Designs in 2021, Sandu pub.-God Does Not Play Dice
The Pages, Overlap Design Centre-Dense Magazine: Compact Living 
Design Annual 61, Communication Arts-God Does Not Play Dice
TDC Annual 2020, TDC-Tippet Rise Art Center Rebrand
Graphic Design USA Annual, GD USA-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Type Trends 2020, MyFonts-God Does Not Play Dice
Wrap it Up: Structural and Visual Packaging Design, Sandu pub.-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Modified Typeface, SendPoints pub.-Guerewol Festival Rebrand
GDFS International Poster Book, GDFS-The WhistleBlowers: Storming Area 51
Iconism: Modern Design of Icons and Pictogram, Sandu pub.-Guerewol Festival Rebrand
Hello Africa! Inspirations of African Culture for Graphic Design, Gaatii pub.-Guerewol Festival Rebrand
Type Scene: Event Identity, Gaatii pub.-Guerewol Festival Rebrand
Open the Package, Gaatii pub.-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Packaging Structure Design, ArtPower International pub.-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Favourite Design 2019, Favourite Design-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set

Shanghai Hub, Shanghai-God Does Not Play Dice, The WhistleBlowers: Storming Area 51, Beyazit State Library Rebrand
TDC65 Global Exhibition, NYC-Tippet Rise Art Center Rebrand
C-IDea Award Exhibition, Moscow-Tippet Rise Art Center Rebrand
FachPack Germany, Berlin-Aesop Ivory Cream Artisan Set
Olympia Gallery, Virtual-The WhistleBlowers: Storming Area 51
H_M_C_T Gallery, Pasadena-Tippet Rise Art Center Rebrand
ArtCenter Hillside Main Gallery, Pasadena-Tippet Rise Art Center Rebrand

Public Speaking
Cross Disciplinary Mentor
Top Universities of Design Speaker
ACCD Internship Panel Speaker
California Lutheran University Webinar Panelist

Everything is, uh, KK. 👌
+1 626.864.3567
Ⓒ 2021 Kenneth Kuh