60/60 Military Diary
Client: Personal, 2018

60/60 Military Diary is a personal diary (Risograph printed) of the two months I spent in the Taiwanese military from June 10th to August 7th, 2018. With limited access to the outside world, the camp provided an ideal environment for introspection and self-reflection.

通過日記的形式,我完成了一場和自己的對談。 軍中隨筆對去年的我來說就好比是一個解脫心靈的窗口一般,在夏天的軍訓中給予我空間去反思和告結,去觀察。透過不斷的紀錄,不管是好是壞,全部的記憶都在字裡行間化作了一抹回憶。這次的自我對談使我希望更坦然的對待自己的想法,以及更加爽快的去面對種種挫折,風雲起,山河動,黃埔建軍聲勢雄。

Printing Press: O.OO Design & Risograph
Riso Magician: Vivian Wang