Through the ground projection, viewers can see themselves from various angles—on the x, y, and z axes. What initially looks like a face from the front might resemble a landscape when viewed from the side, or even an abstract pattern from above. This installation encourages people to engage, to express themselves, and to create a memorable and lasting experience.

The live footage is captured via a webcam, and the data is then transferred to the Arduino board, which processes the information and communicates it to the soldered accelerometer.

As a result, users can adjust the plane of the digital landscape they are viewing simply by rotating the handheld console, the wooden cube, equipped with above sensors.

Arduino Nano V3.0 Integrate nRF24L01 Wireless Module Mirco USB Board

A versatile open-source microcontroller platform that can be programmed to perform various tasks and interact with sensors, motors, and other electronic components.

Adafruit ADXL335-5V Ready Triple-axis Accelerometer (+-3g Analog Out)

A sensor that measures acceleration in three directions (x, y, and z) and is commonly used to detect changes in motion, tilt, or orientation in electronic devices and applications.

[Front View][X-axis]

A person orchestrating infront
of the camera. ︎︎︎

[Side View][Y-axis]

A pulsing landscape captured from the hand and arm motions.

Demo Here

(From Top left to Bottom Right)
Sequence of walking over, sitting down, and orchestrating.

(Image to Particles Converter)
A java script written in P5.js  is used to process input images and converts them into particles.

(From Left to Right)
The accelerometer inside the cube determines the orientation of the digital landscape.

1. Soldering the Arduino board
2. Documenting the installation
3. Installing the Arduio devince in the handheld console.

Tippet Rise Art Center: Digital Landscape
Client: Personal, 2019

Land art, sculptures, and humans all share a sense of impermanence and vulnerability. We strive to make our mark through art, whether in digital form or physical creations. 'Tippet Rise Art Center: Digital Landscape' serves as an experimental installation, taking data and live video captured by a webcam and transforming it into a virtual footprint composed of particles.

For more details: ︎︎︎Tippet Rise Art Center