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An architectural exhibition catalog of our dystopian past and utopian tomorrow. Since the dawn of time, people have been imagining a perfect world. Their desire for something better promoted the progress, this drive advanced and evolved society until we arrive at the world as it is today. Yet, despite our advancements, the world is still filled with dystopic traits. No matter its guise, there is always a very little incentive for places of work to be anything but dreary factories that offer an arena for a series of illusions of success.

Even with all the marvels of technology, travel, and science, the world leaves much to be wanted. Many ideas of a perfect world are found in religious beliefs. Heaven, love, peace, and streets paved in gold are just some of the very human attributes we give to our ideal reality. Utopias do not occur in the real world. They either happen before, after or outside of time, in magical lands or some ethereal realm beyond human perception.

Through this exhibition, Built( )Unbuilt invites all to come and bridge the gap between what was built and what could be built, picturing an alternative reality.

Utopia or Dystopia in Progress
A strip of the gradient can be found on the edge of the book, displaying how a dystopia would slowly turn into a utopia. As the readers flip through the book, they will notice that this transformation is usually subtle yet unavoidable. Throughout history, we have always been attempting to balance between the two extremes, trying to achieve a perfect world. However, none of us notices that the moment a world of orders is achieved means a framework of dystopia follows.

A Brighter Future? A Distopic Realization?
The dystopian atmosphere of many modern cities results, at least in part, from confusion about utopian projections in the first place. Although that is commonplace within the discipline to describe much modern architecture as confirming the failure of utopia, it is quite hard in all but a very few instances to see how what was being proposed or built was in any way, actually utopian. In the world today, we can't help but recognize an exaggerated realization of already existent trends, which is usually the purview of dystopias.

Exhibition Installation
This is a transmedia installation bringing forms and space together to construct a philosophical dialogue with the audience. The top pyramid reflects the utopic nature of our future vision, and the bottom reminds us of our catastrophic past. The pyramids force the viewer to think about what the balance between these two extremes should look like while examining where we are standing in this dilemma.

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