Table of Contents


Chapter I

Box & Cat:
Quantum Collapsing
& Schrödinger's Cat

Schrödinger's cat thought experiment demonstrates quantum superposition, where the cat is both alive and dead until observed, and quantum collapsing is the process where its state becomes definite upon observation, illustrating a key quantum concept.

Chapter II 

Dice & Oil Droplet:
Einstein-Bohr Debate
& Pilot Wave

The Bohr-Einstein debates centered on the interpretation of quantum mechanics, with Einstein criticizing its probabilistic nature, while pilot wave theory emerged as an attempt to provide a deterministic alternative.

Chapter III 

Waterbed & The Creator:
Edgar Allan Poe & Albert Einstein

Edgar Allan Poe's extensive non-fiction work, 'Eureka,' and his perception of man's relationship with God share a notable parallel with Albert Einstein's study of the theory of relativity and his comparison of the universe to a water bed.

Chapter IV

Sherry & Portal Gun:
Multiverse Interpretation
& Rick and Morty

Hugh Everett, the American physicist who conceived the many-worlds interpretation, found an unconventional link with "Rick and Morty." While the concept of parallel universes remains theoretical, both hint at the potential existence of other universes beyond our own.

Chapter V

Double Slit & Buddhism:
& Wave-Particle Duality

The double-slit experiment in quantum physics and certain Buddhist teachings both emphasize the role of consciousness and perception in shaping our understanding of reality. These two theories suggest that observation and consciousness are fundamental aspects of how we experience the world.

Chapter VI

Orpheus & Goldfish:
Quantum Interference
& Brian Greene

Brian Greene connects quantum interference and the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice by highlighting their shared theme of disruption: just as Orpheus's glance back disrupted their journey, quantum measurement disrupts the superposition of states, leading to a transition to a definite state.

Chapter VII

Cakes & Gum:
Local Realism
& Quantum Entanglement

Local realism and quantum entanglement both shape our universe's comprehension. Local realism, rooted in classical physics, assumes predetermined properties and no instant remote impact. In contrast, quantum entanglement challenges these ideas, giving rise to quantum mechanics as a novel framework.

Chapter VIII

Time Travel & Timeline:
Time Traveler Paradox
& History of Physics

The time traveler paradox and the history of physics both revolve around the concept of progression. The paradox questions the logic of time travel, while the history of physics shows the development of our understanding of the universe, including past inconsistencies and resolutions.

Chapter IX

Index & Glossary

An editorial archive of all notable physicists, along with sources such as graphs, images, and diagrams used in the creation of this work.

God Does Not Play Dice (1/2)
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These days, we idolize science to the extent that people often treat every new study or discovery as gospel, shutting their eyes to other possibilities. This editorial project explores physics, the study of everything, as it gives us the best description of the universe.

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