Beyazit State Library1 Catalog2

The oldest library in Istanbul

Microsoft HoloLens2

Welcome to the new reality

The Whistleblowers

A study of internet culture

Aesop Packaging Set

A dishware set with efficacy in mind

60/60 Military Diary

Riso-printed military journal

Guérewol Festival

An annual courtship in Niger

Tippet Rise Art Center

Celebrating art, music, land and sky

Tippet Rise Digital Landscape

A digital land art weaved by code

(Re)Medicine Labels

A label redesign series

Nike Internship 2020

Internship project showcase

SF Design Week 2019

From thinking to making

Built(  )Unbuilt

Utopian architectural visions

GRC Cycling


Third Culture Kids Club

Work in progress

Redshift Playground

C4D Image-making