Asana Brand Film
Client: Buck, 2020

Our goal was to create a brand film that not only highlighted the benefits of Asana, but also differentiated it from its competitors. To achieve this, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the project management space and identified what was lacking in terms of branding and messaging. This helped us steer clear of the common "quirky" approach and craft a unique brand story. My role on this project was develoing style frames and visual assets for the brand film.

Creative Director: Robert Bisi
Executive Producer: Nick Carmen
Producer: Jessica Le
Art Directors: Frederico Felix, Shannon Rollins
Designers: Colin Graham, Daniel Savage, Julia Matto,
Kenneth Kuh, Lauren Gaballo, Loris Alessandria
Animation Lead: Rafael Araujo
2D Animation: Daniel Savage, Jardeson Rocha, Joe Brooks
Agency Partner: Malfred Sound